Intimate Wedding – A True Celebration!

Marriages have been a crucial celebration across all religion viz. shaadi, nikah, wedding. Different names but the same atmosphere, gusto and feeling for family, friends and the couple.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the celebration of closeness became distant. It dampened the wedding spirit. The current pandemic throws numerous challenges to wedding planners and family of the bride/groom. But human beings are men of evolution, so are wedding planners. They will adapt and discover new avenues, concepts and creativity to overcome these difficult times!

Here comes the concept of ‘Intimate Weddings’ – to invite limited, close-knitted guests between the range of 70-100. That complies with the guidelines, rules and regulations of the Govt. Also, it provides an opportunity for the family and spouse to spend those precious moments with their truly loved ones. An intimate wedding is more than just the number of guests but a way that reflects the couple’s personalities and their engagement with their guests.

How can an Intimate wedding be a wonder?

1. Short timeline & less stressful
Families start wedding planning many months in advance to make sure that everything goes well and all the guests are taken care of. But Intimate Weddings can be planned in a short duration of time with a personalized touch to every guest. Hence, skip the guest management stress.

2. Relaxed atmosphere
Every wedding is a hectic affair. You need to monitor all ceremonies to make it go well but at the same time need to take care of your guests to make sure they have a pleasant experience. In intimate weddings, it is easy to understand the need and taste of your guest and arrange everything accordingly. It offers you a celebration with close-knit friends and family, where you don’t have to worry about putting on a show. It’s always the people that make the ceremony special!

3. Money splurge
Every penny spent is hard-earned and therefore should be spent reasonably. Intimate weddings provide you the opportunity to cut down on unnecessary expenses yet have a memorable wedding!

4. The right blend of you and your wedding planner’s creativity & customization
With smaller weddings, you can afford to go into the details and personalize, especially when it comes to wedding favours. You can wow your guests with better favours. Go that extra mile and show your token of love and appreciation with bespoke gifts.

5. Capture what’s important
With intimate weddings, your photographer can focus on capturing special moments of the couple instead of gathering known and unknown guests for large group photos. Love the moment, embrace the intimacy and cherish the ceremony with close friends and family whilst the camera clicks away.

6. Eco-conscious
Pandemic has opened the Pandora’s Box for the wedding industry but simultaneously has made us realize that the resources are limited and we are privileged to have access to them. For instance, there always has been a problem with a lot of food wastage during weddings. Introduction of Intimate Weddings will cut down on the wastage and instill the sense of responsibility to have eco-friendly weddings as well.
This pandemic has thrown light on the benefits of digital media, health, hygiene and how creative aspects can help us make weddings a grand success even during these difficult times.
An intimate wedding is no less. It is indeed a true celebration!
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