Why choose Wedding management as a career

  • The most DYNAMIC, REWARDING, & CHALLENGING field of work
  • HIGH PAYOUTS – it has been noted that the budget of weddings have been ever increasing since the last 2 decades


With the rapidly changing times, unemployment peaking in the most mainstream of industries most people are to ask themselves “what should I do differently?”  Everyone at the beginning of their careers ask themselves “will this be worth.


Touchwood Wedding School

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”.

Here’s presenting our most prestigious industry initiative called the TOUCHWOOD WEDDING SCHOOL: Brought to you by the industry’s leader Touchwood Group. Read More

Courses We Offer

Our courses provide invaluable knowledge across multiple verticals, coupled with a host of facilities to augment the learning process. Through a robust combination of research, mentoring, and industry exposure, we play a key role in shaping our students to help them become the industry stalwarts of tomorrow.

Wedding Management – Online & Live
Diploma in Wedding Management
Specialised Diploma in Wedding Management & Design