How to select the perfect Wedding Venue

The day you’ve been dreaming of, has been announced. The D-Day to don your shimmery, eye-catching clothes and dance along with your friends is within your arm’s reach. There are a lot of things to plan, and it might seem everything is all over the place. Out of all the things that your mind is […]

Education in the Service Industry

Education is important in every sphere of life. If you have bigger aims, education can help you lay the foundation of achieving success and monetary gains. In a service industry, education is crucial because it enhances your skills which becomes your real asset in seeking a job and growing professionally. An educated executive is given […]

Technology In Weddings – A Dawn of a New Era!

Technology In Weddings – A Dawn of a New Era! India is a huge market for weddings owing to the propensity for grand and lavish celebrations. A decorator confined industry has grown into an agency format and is now recognized as an organized industry. With the upscaling of the innovation and creativity to make every […]

wedding planning school
Wedding Planning – The Tradition is Alive!

The Tradition is Alive! (Wedding Planning) For thousands of years, people have seen marriage and wedding planning as a joyous occasion celebrating commitment and love. The traditions and rituals vary throughout cultures, but the spirit of celebrating the sanctity of holy matrimony is the same all over the world. The enchanting screams of Mazel Tov, […]

Why choose Wedding management as a career
  • The most DYNAMIC, REWARDING, & CHALLENGING field of work
  • HIGH PAYOUTS – it has been noted that the budget of weddings have been ever increasing since the last 2 decades
Touchwood Wedding School

With the rapidly changing times, unemployment peaking in the most mainstream of industries most people are to ask themselves “what should I do differently?”  Everyone at the beginning of their careers asks themselves “will this be worth it?” or “is it promising?” The answer to these questions may vary widely depending upon different individuals, but […]

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Touchwood Group Announces an Initiative ‘Wed Nation’ – an Online Wedding Conference

Touchwood Group Announces an Initiative ‘Wed Nation’ – an Online Wedding Conference During tough times of Coronavirus (COVID – 19) more resourceful and warm measures need to be taken, and Touchwood Group brings forth the need of the hour- ‘ We stand together and for each other’. They have recently announced an initiative, an online […]