How to select the perfect Wedding Venue

The day you’ve been dreaming of, has been announced. The D-Day to don your shimmery,
eye-catching clothes and dance along with your friends is within your arm’s reach. There are a
lot of things to plan, and it might seem everything is all over the place. Out of all the things that
your mind is spinning around, choosing the perfect wedding venue is the most crucial step. Let’s
face it, even if you start hiring makeup and decoration people, their first question will be “Where
is the wedding taking place?”.

Choosing the best location for your wedding depends on so many factors, such as:

  • Indoor/outdoor wedding
  • The theme of the wedding
  • The time of the year your wedding is going to take place
  • If it’s an overseas wedding, the expenses of friends/ family/ planners
  • Accessibility of the venue by your guests
  • Convenience of makeup artists/ photographers/ organizers

Worry not! You can easily solve this problem if you determine one important thing at first – the budget. What is the maximum you’re planning on spending for the venue? Based on that, you
can check whether you’ll be able to handle other expenses in your desired location. If you choose an expensive location that is worth the cost, and if it turns out that the food in the
location is costly, then it’s probably not a good choice to go forth with that location. Remember your budget at all points of the decision-making process.

Also, another variable to consider is the number of people on your guest list. You need to make sure that the commute to the wedding location would not cause any sort of inconvenience to
your near and dear ones. It is always better to allocate comfortable accommodation for out-of-town guests. This shows that you have thought about every single detail of not only your
wedding but also your kins’ comfort.

This is where wedding planners come in. You don’t need to analyze every factor and draw conclusions. Your wedding planner will do the job for you. After knowing your requirements, they
will provide you with all the available possibilities to materialize your dream wedding. Last, but not least, remind yourself all that matters is how you feel on the day. Are you someone
who gets easily annoyed when you find sand in your wedding shoes? Or, are you someone who would remove the wedding shoes and walk barefoot to feel the sand? If you’re someone like the
former, then you should probably look for places which are guaranteed to not give you inconveniences at the eleventh hour.

If you’re too concerned about the “perfect” venue, please remember that your wedding in itself is a perfect happening. Everything that is associated with your wedding, is bound to turn out to be
“perfect” too. Make sure to not get carried away, understand what matters. Or, better, consult with professionals for every idea you have – so that they’ll ensure that your decisions are
grounded to create a genuinely blissful wedding.

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