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Wedding Planning – The Tradition is Alive!

The Tradition is Alive! (Wedding Planning)

For thousands of years, people have seen marriage and wedding planning as a joyous occasion celebrating commitment and love. The traditions and rituals vary throughout cultures, but the spirit of celebrating the sanctity of holy matrimony is the same all over the world. The enchanting screams of Mazel Tov, the literal tying of the knot, the simple “qubool hai!” or the classic bouquet toss; wedding ceremonies have been stealing hearts since forever!

Pair this setting with a perfect sunset of Andaman, and you end up with a spectacular event. This is a perfect gesture to show love and value for someone that completes them. For an occasion like this, people are looking for the most perfect arrangement to create an experience that they will live to reminisce throughout their lives.

Because unless you’re Ross from Friends, you’ll only be having one wedding!

Marrying at a beautiful countryside exotic location with the people you love right by your side, is a millennial fantasy. The exquisite beaches of Bali, the festive air of Hawaii, or a perfect landscape in Rio capturing Christ The Redeemer in the background; the world is a beautiful place and the options are endless.

Destination weddings are a luxury that people never forget after visiting once in their lifetime! The immense popularity of destination weddings in mainstream pop culture has only led to a major spike of interest among people.

Wedding planning

However, arranging a stunning wedding that is going to be etched as a warm, positive memory in the minds of people is not a simple task. Wedding management is a complex field of setting all the pieces together to create an enchanting experience for the couple and their loved ones alike. For almost all the destination weddings, the location is of significant importance for sure. Still, there is a lot to it than just booking a palace for holding the ceremony.

There is a lot that goes on at the backdrop of a stunning wedding planning, starting from comfortable travel arrangements and compelling decor, from lovely musicals and efficient exotic catering. A courteous display of hospitality is the main objective of event management. This, by no means, is a task for the untrained. For example, adding an ethnic vibe to a somewhat foreign landscape without overdoing it, is achieved only by the most mindful and trained professionals. However, the results are so worth the effort!

Come Get Married to Your Career!

Knowing that your efforts are translated into such a beautiful experience for scores of people, being the reason for their happiness is enough to light up your day!

The careers in the wedding planning industry are for the creatives and the artists who are willing to create a compelling arrangement. Those who can challenge the status quo and can go the extra mile in making their client’s day!

Coming straight from the veterans of the wedding management industry, the Touchwood Wedding School can be a perfect place for you to start. With a history of handling some of the most exotic projects, the TWS has been contributing efficient wedding planners to society. The certificate course for international and domestic weddings is all you need to be a master wedding planner. Come get married to a great career!

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