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advisory Board of Touchwood Wedding School

Advisory Board

Touchwood Group serving in the wedding industry for more than 2 decades has healthy working relations across the globe. Our advisory board members provide strategic advice to the institution that guide in building industry-ready curriculums & adopting other industry practices.

Aarti Manocha-Touchwood Wedding School

Ms. Aarti Manocha

Milestones to Memories
Pvt. Ltd.

Abhishek Arora-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Abhishek Arora

And the story grows

Aditya Motwane

Mr. Aditya Motwane

Motwane Entertainment
and Weddings

Amanveer Singh-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Amanveer Singh

Ten Events & Management

Anil Ghridhar-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Anil Girdhar

Food Art Hospitality
Pvt. Ltd.

Arpita Gandhi-Touchwood Wedding School

Ms. Arpita Gandhi


Asil Akar-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Asil Akar

Inventum Global

Badal Jain-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Badal Jain

Badal Raja Company

Bhavnesh Sawhney-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Bhavnesh Sawhney

FB Celebrations Pvt. Ltd.

Bunyat Ozpak-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Bunyat Ozpak

Inventum Global

Chetan Vohra-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Chetan Vohra


Deepak Chaudhary-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Deepak Choudhary

Event Capital

Geeta Samuel-Touchwood Wedding School

Ms. Geeta Samuel

Q Events Pvt. Ltd.

Gitika Ganju Dhar-Touchwood Wedding School

Ms. Gitika Ganju Dhar


Jai Thakore-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Jai Thakore

E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Jaydeep Mehta-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Jaydeep Mehta

True Events & World Wide Weddings

Jenifer Mirchandani-Touchwood Wedding School

Ms. Jennifer Mirchandani

Horizon W.I.E

Karishma Hundalani-Touchwood Wedding School

Ms. Karishma Hundalani

EVENTFAQs Media Pvt. Ltd.

Keyur Patel-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Keyur Patel

Prasang Events &
Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Khantil Mehta-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Khantil Mehta

INIT Design Studios

Mahavir Pratap Sharma

Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma

SWISHIN Events llp

Manika Garg-Touchwood Wedding School

Ms. Manika Garg

E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Nitin Arora-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Nitin Arora

Katalyst Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Pawan Mirchandani-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Pawan Mirchandani

Horizon WIE

Pritesh Sharma-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Pritesh Sharma

Mapsor Experiential Weddings

Rajiv Jain-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Rajeev Jain

Rashi Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Rajesh Varma-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Rajesh Varma

CRI Events Pvt. Ltd.

Rajnish Rathi

Mr. Rajnish Rathi

Wedding Affair

Rakhi Kankaria-Touchwood Wedding School

Ms. Rakhi Kankaria

Rachnoutsav Events Pvt. Ltd.

Rituraj Khanna-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Rituraj Khanna

Q Events Pvt. Ltd.

Samit Garg-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Samit Garg

E-Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjoy Roy-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Sanjoy Roy

Teamwork Arts

Srijan Vadhera-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Srijan Vadhera

Conrad, Bengaluru

Tarsame Mittal-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Tarsame Mittal

Talent Management

Varinder Handa-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Varinder Handa

Creative Cuisines Inc.

Vicky Tulsyan-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Vicky Tulsyan

Mirage Network (P) Ltd

Vikas Gutgutia-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Vikas Gutgutia

Ferns & Petals

Vishal Nagdev-Touchwood Wedding School

Mr. Vishal Nagdev

EVENTFAQs Media Pvt. Ltd.


Touchwood Wedding School is an initiative by the wedding industry’s top veterans. The aim is simple, to create a pool of experts who can take the industry to its next level. With a major stress on practical training, the curriculum strives to give students maximum exposure to the wedding industry.

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